Stun-zilla 800,000 Volt Stun Gun w/ LED Light & Nap Zapper Alarm

Stun-zilla 800,000 Volt Stun Gun w/ LED Light & Nap Zapper Alarm
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Compared to other stun guns on the market, the Stunzilla 800,000 volt stun gun is one of the most powerful. The sight and sound of this device merely fired into the air will often times be enough to scare away an attacker. Between the 2 probes you will see the bright blue flash of the electrical current and you will hear the menacing electrical sound. If an attacker is not thwarted by this alone, the powerful jolt from this device certainly will do the trick. All this power is packed inside a gun that is only 5.6 inches in height; by far one of the smallest and most easily concealed stun guns available. Thanks to the safety button, you will never need to worry about an accidental discharge (you must press both the safety and the fire button together to discharge the unit). A red LED warning light will illuminate when you press the safety button, alerting you that it is ready for use. A single white LED light is mounted by the probes so you can have the stun gun in your hand at night and use it as a flashlight. This way you will have the stun gun readily available if you should need it. FREE LED KEYLIGHT Put this handy LED light on your keychain and you'll never have to worry about finding the keyhole in the dark again. FREE NAP ZAPPER The nap zapper is a handy little alarm with a motion detector built in. Wear this on your ear when you are driving and tired. It will definitely wake you up with a squeal whenever your head starts to nod. Includes 2 high performance Force 1 lithium batteries.

  • Powerful 800,000 Volts
  • Built In Flashlight
  • Free LED Keylight
  • Free Nap Zapper
  • Free Lithium Batteries
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